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Hello Partners and friends,

                                We want to updated you and cast our vision for the year 2021.

  I have received my visa for Pakistan and am right Now making plans for ministering into the villages and churches.

                                      November 2021​ Pakistan scheduled so far​.

                                                                      KARACHI Pakistan

                              church meetings, street evangelism, youth program, and Leaders conference.

                                                                             From Karachi I will fly into Lahore.

                                                  Lahore, Kasur, Okara, Mian Channu, and Upper Punjab

                                          I will spend time in Lahore doing church ministry and street ministry.

                                  I will go by car to Kasur, which is the 24th largest city in Pakistan to do services, then off to Okara       

                                                                                which is the 23rd largest city in Pakistan.

                                          ​Then off to Mian Channu which is the district of Khannewal Pakistan.

                                          I also plan on doing missionary work in the Upper Punjab area. 

         Our ministry will be fixing a well pump in this area for the people to be able to have clean drinking water again.

             We will start in the villages in the area of Karachi and head our way down into the villages of Sahiwal                                Khanewal preaching in the surrounding villages.

We want to start new churches in the villages that have no churches and put in wells for fresh drinking water.

We believe over the next several years we will be able to impact these areas winning new converts, train Pastors, and

                                             the next generation to bring in a harvest that can not be counted.

          This is the vision the Lord has given me for 2021 and in the years to come for Pakistan.

                                 We are asking for prayer support as well as financial support.

We are asking our Partners to partner with us for 3 new wells this coming year for the villages around Sahiwal and Khanewal area of Pakistan.

Thank you

Resurrection Fire International

Michael and Judy Shamp

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