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Christian Counseling & Deliverance

Thank you for your interest to receive a private personal ministry session from Michael.

Michael is a powerful deliverance minister and christian counselor.

Many have been set free under his powerful prophetic anointing for breakthrough and inner healing.

Michael operates in the following:

Deliverance ministry

Christian counseling and inner healing, Prophetic Ministry, and Dream Interpretation.

           If you would like to set up a personal ministry session with Michael, please fill out the form on the bottom of              this page.

                                                                     Single Session - $65.00 per hour

                                                                     Group Session - $100.00 per hour

                                                              For Single Session Minimum of 2 hours.


            Michael has had over 30 years of experience in deliverance ministry, inner healing, and dream interpretation.

                                                                    All donations go into missions.

   Michael and Judy believe that a workman for the Gospel is worthy of their wages, for the Bible says not to muzzle the oxen while they tread the corn and the Laborer is worthy of his reward. 1st Tim 5:18

  Apostle Paule said that if we have sown unto you spiritual seed among you, is it to much if we reap a    material Harvest from you?

        We believe as you Sow into your Breakthrough you will be sowing into others that need Michael to come into their Nation or area so that they also can receive their healing, deliverance, or inner healing.

    Resurrection Fire International

    Michael Shamp


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