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Chariots of Fire in America

It is said that God's ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than ours, and this is where I want to start by givin

It is said that God's ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than ours, and this is where I want to start by giving this prophetic word to the body of Christ and America.


Time and time again, God has placed a Nation or people into a place that they would not go.

It was said to Joseph that his brothers had departed to Dothan to find water and pastor for the flock, so this is where Joseph set out to look for his brethren unaware of the consequences of his actions or of Gods desire for him and the Nation of Israel. Gen 37:17

Dothan is a place called "two wells" or double feast. It is the place where Joseph was put in the pit or well that was empty and sold into slavery and where the "two wells" are still in existence, one of which bears the name of the "pit of Joseph".

It is here at the two wells that Elijah set up his residence. Elijah's name means God is salvation and it is here at Dothan that Elijah "the watchman" is at his post, at the watch mountain of God, opening the door and portal of heaven, looking into the realm of the protective glory of God and hearing His voice. 2 Ki 6:13

At Dothan Elijah opened the eyes of natural men to show them the glory of God which speaks, greater is He that is with us, than they which are of this world.

Go to Dothan

Shamar means to guard, to keep, to be a watchman. It emphasizes the protective element of the prophet’s mantle. The preserving and guarding aspect of the prophet’s ministry is needed.

It is time for the prophets to rise up and to speak a proclamation, that the place where the body is right now, is to straight and narrow for them. It is the time for the awakening of America.

I hear the Father calling America to Dothan! America, go to the two wells where the pasture is nourishment to the soul and body. Where the well of refreshing is at for the Nation's spirit to be revived by the Holy Spirit.

Come, says the Lord and be refreshed at the two wells.

The wells of Shamar, where your eyes are opened to see into the realms of God, where there is salvation and the water refreshes your spirit and you are assured and know that God is being a partner in your labor, all things will be possible for you.

It is at Dothan where the servants eyes are opened to see into the supernatural realm and believe that there are more with us than is with the enemy force that is against the Nation.

It is in this faith realm that blinds the enemy and brings it into submission by the power of God and gives them bread and water (salvation) which brings peace to the Nations.

Even Joseph came out of the well and was sold into slavery for the people of Nations to be saved by the will and power of God.

Dothan is the place of the open door, where faith in God can make Nations whole and bring people into a place of supernatural rest.

Let the people of God receive, and the prophets of Fire come forth in this hour, Amen.

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