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 The year of God's Presence

The year of God's presence, will be like Elijah and Elisha in 2 Kings 2 where Elijah tried to keep Elisha from following him from one place to another.

Elisha followed Elijah to Bethel.

Bethel is the place where we meet The Lord and is a place of surrender.

Elijah again tries to discourage Elisha from following him and off to Jericho they go.

Jericho is the place where you have to be still and know who God is and when you realize that you are a son of God you shout and all the walls come down in your life.

Again Elijah tries to keep Elisha from following him, and again off they go and this time to the Jordan.

Jordan is the place of total surrender and at this place of surrender revelation comes to Elisha.

Elisha sees the Chariots of Fire and the horse men, he sees the whirlwind of God and receives his double portion of the spirit of Elisha.

The whirlwind is called the Dunamis power of God. Elisha picked up Elisha's mantle and started to smite the waters just like His master did.

Elisha's secret was to stay close to Elijah, not to let him get out of his sight or to be deterred or distracted from his master.

The sons of God will be like Elisha, they will not be distracted or discouraged from Jesus Christ.

They will follow The Lord wherever He goes and pick up the Dunamis mantle of The Lord, (not a double portion mantle) as it falls on them and smite the earth with His glory.

Miracles, Signs, and Wonders do not change the people.

Yes, it will have an effect on them but just like Israel, as they were in the desert for 40yrs.

The real change is in the presence of The Lord; this is what the sons of God will shine forth.

Many will say that this will be the year of the double portion as in 2 Kings 2:14.

This will be the year for some, the double anointing of Elijah, but for those who can see beyond the gifting and mantles of God on men, this will be the year of the Presence of God their Father with them, as they go smiting the Earth in His power.

Father right now we come to you asking by faith, that we would not be distracted or to look this year just for the mantels that you have given to your servants of old but we look to the mantel of your presence on us as we go forth in the Dunamis power, striking the earth as Elijah and Elisha did through miracles, signs and wonders.

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