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Michael and Judy Shamp are the founders of

Resurrection Fire International.

Michael is a evangelist who preaches a Now word to impact, impart, and equip God's people to boldly step out to sow, water, and reap the harvest.

By the word spoken through Luke 4;18-19.


Michael has gone into the nations and churches of America, by faith, with the anointing of God and the power of the Holy Spirit through miracles, signs, and wonders, to Ignite Resurrection Fire of Christ into the nation's and individual lives.

Michael and Judy Shamp are the founders of  Resurrection Fire International.  Michael is a evangelist who preaches a Now word

Judy and I want to thank our partners and friends for your prayers and support for our ministry as we have went into Pakistan this November 2019.


We flew into Lahore Pakistan and then drove into the town of Sahiwal where we stayed and ministered in the churches but also went into the villages around that area preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God with miracles, signs, and wonders following the message.


There were hundreds of Salvation's as the result of preaching the gospel in the villages of Pakistan.



We had many healings as backs, necks, legs, were being healed and restored through the power of the Holy Spirit along with many demons being cast out of the people.


In one village there was a witch doctor who was converted to Jesus Christ. He was so converted that he burnt his books of witchcraft along with his Idols..


We had some Awesome miracles take place as a woman with a deaf ear for 8yrs was healed and another woman that had sever back and shoulder pain where she could not raise her arm for 12 years was healed.

There was also a man who could not walk started to walk in a meeting a as the family were in tears as he stood and walked by himself with no support or help.

there was a business man who loved the Lord and was giving financial support for our crusade in Lahore who had congestive heart failure, when prayed for was healed and God did a creative miracle giving him a new heart.



These are just a few of the testimonies that we have on this trip.


Judy and I want to thank our supporters for their financial support to make this happen along with their continuing prayer support.



Thank you and Gods blessings

Michael and Judy Shamp





Peace be unto you,


And when he had so said, He showed unto them his hands and his side. Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the Lord. Jn 2020



The year 2024 will be a year of Salvation to those who have not seen or heard the gospel of the Kingdom of God. To many that have not heard or seen Jesus will see, touch, and hear. Jesus Christ will draw himself near to the lost and a river of salvation will flow as they experience a peace that they have never had before in their lives.


To whom he was not spoken of shall see and they which have not heard shall understand.


2024 the year that Christ will be reveled in the Nations to all that are shown the Power of the Resurrection.


Thank you

Michael and Judy Shamp

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