Resurrection Fire International

    Prophetic Evangelist  Michael Shamp           

                                      Whats New for 2020


Hello Partners and friends,

We want to updated you and cast our vision for the year 2020.

As many of our partners have been updated on our trip into Pakistan in November 2019, we want to cast our vision to everyone concerning what the Spirit of the Lord revealed to us as we preached the gospel into the villages around Sahiwal.

We realized to many of the Muslims and Hindu's have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ preached or seen the demonstrated power of the Spirit of God.

For this reason I am making plans as I write this post to go back into Pakistan to minister the gospel into the remote villages this coming spring 2020.

We will start in the villages in the area of Karachi and head our way down into the villages of Sahiwal and Khanewal preaching in the surrounding villages.

We want to start new churches in the villages that have no churches and set up oversight over them in the coming years.

We believe over the next several years we will be able to impact these areas winning over 100,000 new converts, train Pastors, and the next generation to bring in a harvest that can not be counted.

This coming December we will be doing a small crusade in Sahiwal with the Shamp family, taking a team of people to minister to every one that attends the crusade.

I will be going back into Pakistan in December making another visit to every village that I have ministered to in April.

This is the vision the Lord has given me for 2020 and in the years to come for Pakistan.

We are asking for prayer support as well as financial support.

Thank you
Michael and Judy Shamp