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Photos of healings

Gary has served our country, and during his military service he received a spinal injury. Shortly after we were married Gary needed a cane to walk. He has been in pain which has increased through out our marriage. Back in the summer it had gotten so bad that it was necessary for him to go to arm-brace crutches to walk. The pain over the past week had increased so much it was difficult for him to walk. He was challenged even more when He needed to go up our stairs. Should I say now crawl up them.

On the day of love, God poured out His Healing Love to Gary! We went out to dinner, then to a house meeting as this was something I wanted to do. Gary wanted to bless me. As difficult as it was for him to walk we went.

Gary received such a blessing! He received Gods Healing touch. He walked out a new man, no cane needed, no crutches needed no pain!

The next day he worked on our leaning fence to the point he worked up a sweat. That is something he hasn't been able to do in a very long time! He said to me when he was finished he was excepting to be in pain tomorrow. He wasn't! No pain meds to sleep either.

Gary will tell you that he had an attitude change, it was then which he received his healing.

Seeing Gary jump, high step and declare and testify to Gods healing brought tears to my eyes.

 I was facing surgery on my back again due to degenerative disc and i had been in pain everyday I couldn't stand and walk for long periods of time without being in pain all day. Michael spoke words of knowledge over me that God was storing the disc in my back and giving me new disc in my back. As of Friday night, I have walked around Walmart, rode in my car, sitting, standing, bending all with no pain. God is alive still today! And he still heals yesterday, today and tomorrow! Thank you Jesus, I have been free of Pain ever since that day! Who needs roses when I got Jesus! it was definitely the best Valentine Day I have Had! 

Just the faith of a mustard seed! Believe, Believe....I love the presence of the Lord. Where his presence is I want to be!

Thank you Jesus! You are the love of my life and my best friend.

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